Commercial Emu Farming – Research Article from Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University

Acharya N G Ranga University has conducted a study on Commercial Emu Farming. Thesis article is shared by Dr. A Raja Sekhar Reddy. Please find the abstract below

Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae) and ostrich (Struthio camelus) birds belong to ratite group have high economic value for their meat, eggs, oil, skin and feathers. These birds are adoptable to varied climatic conditions. Although emu and ostrich were introduced in India, emu farming has gained much importance. Emu and ostrich features, management of these birds during chick, growing, fattening, breeding and non-breeding stages were covered. Care and hatching of eggs, nutrient requirements, healthcare and products of emu and ostrich were also covered. Economics of emu rearing with reference to the cost of maintaining breeders cost of production of eggs and chick were covered. Future research on nutritional requirements, incubation and healthcare management, and development of products for better marketing needs to be addressed.

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StudioN coverage on Emu Meat & Oil benifits

StudioN a local AP Telugu news channel has a coverage on the benefits of Emu Meat & Oil




Behaviour of Emu Bird – Research paper by Verternary World

The following research article is published by Veterinary world on the behavior of Emu Bird

Emu is second largest living bird of world belonging to order Ratite. This order is of flightless birds with flat breast bone and it includes emu, ostrich, rhea, cassowary and kiwi. Emus are reared commercially in many parts of the world for their meat, oil, skin and feathers, which are of high economic value. The anatomical and physiological features of these birds appear to be suitable for temperate and tropical climatic conditions. Emu is newly introduced species in India. Although emu farming is considered to be economical, we have to study the behavior of emus to
increase the profitability by providing housing, feeding and breeding facilities more or less same as that of in wild condition during their rearing in captivity and we will have to carry out comparative study of behavior in captivity as well as in wild condition.

Source – Veterinary world has published a research paper on the Behavior of Emu bird by Veterinary World


Documentary film on Emu Farming

This film is a documentary on the EMU bird. It is a simple narrative which tell us the opportunities that India has in breeding Emu birds.

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Taking emu eggs from an emu sitting on a nest

Taking emu eggs from an emu sitting on a nest


Julie Brown explains about Emu Farming

Julie Brown has over 15 years experience into Emu Farming and she explains about various benefits of Emu Birds. Don’t miss to watch this video